It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Punished harshly!

Master is displeased with me....I came again without his permission! Its hardly my fault though....he shouldn't be so good at turning me on. So as my punishment I am to let everyone know that I am not allowed to cum while serving them on Nite Flirt! I am to do everything they desire and command, but I am not allowed to cum!! Oh this week shall be agony! No cumming allowed at all! For a whole week! How unfair!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a perfect reward!

Master asked me if I was ready for my reward! I was still quivering with my last orgasm. The other slaves had pampered and served me long and hard and it seemed that my reward was only beginning! Master lead me and the other slaves into another play room. As Master strapped me onto a saddle horse I heard the Masters giving their slaves their instructions. They were not allowed to touch themselves or each other as they watched. That this was to be their punishment; to not be allowed to serve their Masters; that I alone was worthy to serve all the Masters!
Each of the Masters circled about me. I was completely helpless! Master had strapped each of my legs to a leg of the saddle horse; each wrist to the other two legs. My ass was pushed high into the air exposing my wet slit. I could move my head freely. I was immobile and totally at the mercy of Master and his friends.
They began taking turns whipping me with crops, paddles, or even their bare hands. The pain was such that I almost fainted at times....and I lost count of the orgasms they allowed me. I was such a greedy slut too! Every hole was whipped, fucked and cum upon or in. I swallowed load after load of cum and begged for more and was promptly rewarded with another cock to suck, or stuffed into my ass or cunt.
I heard my Master saying what a wonderful obedient slut I was and that the next bet would have to be a real challenge to match his slaves dedication to him! My Master was very proud of me. I have never been happier!
The evening came to a end and my Master had to carry me to the car....I was exhausted! I told Master that I hoped I won the next bet as well! Master smiled down at me and said he hoped so too....because my punishment would be terrible!
I would have to watch another serve him and the others!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Reward

The following day after the bet was won, the other slaves were commanded to strip me and to groom me as to please the Masters. They were to serve my every need including cumming again and again, but as punishment for loosing....they were not allowed to cum or to have any physical pleasure. I personally thought they were let off easy for failing their Masters. Oh it was so lovely! We all were in the huge tub filled with soothing hot water. I had all these beautiful sluts washing me, rubbing lotions on me, shaving my cunt and ass hole bare. They rubbed their bodies all over mine making me very wet. I was allowed to do nothing, but let these sluts serve me! As one slave manicured my nails another licked and sucked my cunt. Each slut taking her turn after another made me cum. They all made me cum and quiver with their tongues and fucked my holes with their fingers and several toys. All of this while the Masters watched. It went on for several delicious hours! Then Master came over to me. He grabbed my softly curled hair and pulled me up to my toes and then asked me...."Are you ready for your reward slut?" These sluts weren't my reward!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Slut Standing!

Last man....or in this case women standing. Master had bet that I would out last any other slave. Master won! I love licking and sucking and fucking other women. They are just so lovely and tasty!
As we served each other, the Masters spanked and punished the slaves as they desired. They punished us all indiscriminately no slave missed out! I lost count the number of times I had orgasmed in the hours since the “bet” had begun. When I finished with one slut I was on to the next or I would continue with the slut I was with making her scream out again and again.
I found myself sucking and licking one slut when another would come up behind me with a strap on on. My ass and cunt were fucked again and again. I was so deliciously sore!
I soon found myself a strap on and found myself laying on top of a slut with huge tits. I sucked and bit her silver dollar nipples while I slammed my hips and the huge toy into her cunt. When I heard her screaming out her orgasm, I rolled her to her knees, just as my Master often does to me. I looked for my Master and watched his face, as I pushed hard into this sluts ass and fucked her hard while she screamed in pain and pleasure.
I could see my Master was pleased with me. All the Masters were watching me fuck this whore. The other slaves lay about in exhaustion watching as well. I kept going and going until my Master came over and grabbed my hair jerking me up to my toes. He declared me the winner! Master announced that I had won the bet and that I was to be rewarded! I was the last slut standing!
Oh and my reward!......... I shall have to tell you about that next time!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What was Masters Bet?

We sat there looking at each other wondering what our Masters had planned. There was four other slaves with me sitting in the Play Room of one of my Master’s friends home. We were told to stay there and wait.
There were all sorts of wonderful torture toys about. Whips, locks and chains, clamps, a yoke and so much more! This room was built for pain and pleasure .
I could smell the other slaves juices. They were getting as wet as I was waiting in anticipation of our Masters instructions. I was so ready for Masters bet! What ever it was!
Each of the Masters came in suddenly startling me. Each of the Masters stood before another's slave. Another's Master stood before me looking down at me with a sinister smile. He grabbed my hair in a tight fist and jerked me off my seat. The he began ripping off my clothes off with painful powerful jerks. I tried to help him, but he slapped my hands away. He was in control and I was to take what he gave me. The other Masters had grabbed the other slaves and were stripping them just as I was being stripped. I could hear crys of pain and gasp of pleasure as the Masters prepared us for ............something.
I was pushed to my knees and told to suck the Masters cock. I reached into his pants and quickly brought out a huge prick and tried to swallow it. That seemed to please him because he grabbed my hair so tightly it brought tears to my eyes. I was instructed to place my hands behind my back and to keep them there. The Master then started gagging me with his cock. He fucked my mouth hard and pushed further and further into my throat. The pleasure was intense. I could hear the other slaves doing the same as I. The master I was sucking came first and he ordered me to swallow his load. I did so with extreme pleasure. There was so much semen I dribbled just a little of it. I made sure i licked my dribbling off my chin.
The Master left me on my knees and sat down in a chair. We both watched as the other Masters fucked the slaves mouths . The slaves gagging and moaning in ecstasy and pain. One by one the Master came and sat down leaving the slave on her knees.
When the last Master finished and had sat down, my Master commanded the slaves to please each other. He told us we could switch to other slaves, but that we were not allowed to stop until commanded.
I immediately dove into another slaves wet snatch and began licking her clit with a fever. I had wrapped my hands around her thighs pulling her into my face. I wished nothing more then to please Master ....and this slut....and myself too!.....I do like pussy . What a delicious treat! I felt the sting of a whip on my ass and kept on licking and sucking her cunt. As the whip bit into my ass I cried out in pain and still my tongue would not leave my feast.
I still didn't know what Masters bet was. In truth, I didn’t care at that moment. What I didn’t know was that I was well into the bet then! Have you figured out yet what the Masters had bet?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Master made a bet.

My master came in after a long day at his job with a smile on his face. It was the weekend and he had some special plans for us. As the front door shut behind him, I went to my knees waiting to suck his cock. Master's smile gave me the permission I was seeking.
As I pulled out that delightful tool and began sucking his cock, Master told me he had made a special bet with some other Masters. As I deep throated Masters cock he said that if I won his bet for him, that my reward would be great, but that if I failed him, my punishment would be dear indeed.
I was giggling in delight with my Masters thick dick slipping over my lips when he grabbed my hair tight and began fucking my mouth. He was choking me with the force of his thrusting. I could tell he was very excited because his cock was so thick. I could hear my Masters groans of pleasure. I had tears streaming from the corner of my eyes as I took pleasure in my master taking his pleasure. As I tasted the first of his hot load, Master jerked his cock out and spewed his sticky load all over my face, which I began promptly licking up with my fingers and tongue. He told me what a good slave I was as he picked me up by my hair. Crying out in my pain and pleasure I smiled up at him. I knew my Master was pleased with me.
He pinched my nipple hard making me cry out again. Smiling down at me Master commanded that I pack all of my toys and to make sure I was properly groomed and prepared for a special party. I begged Master to tell me what the bet was, but he told me that none of the slaves were allowed to know what the bet was until it was over and a winner had been declared.
Well. I gotta run for now. I don't wish to displease Master. I shall have to tell you what the bet was when we get back!