It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Wax!!

For most people...the "vanillas" hot wax is something you endure for hair removal, or an annoyance when is spills on the tablecloth after a candlelight dinner, but thanks to a caller this week, I'm reminded that hot wax can be completely pleasurable!

When he called, I knew there was something different and special about him, he had a very kind and sweet side to him, but there was no doubt about his control (signs of a true Master) and his knowledge of the balance between pain and pleasure was unquestionable. He had me do somethings I have experienced lately such as needles, which I love (probably why I have so many piercings lol) but then he told me to get the candle and light it! He was very methodical about it, having me drip where he said when he said, on my breasts, was so nice having a sensation of warmth with a little pain! HE also had me hold the candle upright so a good puddle built up and then pour it around my nipple in a circle, ending right on it! that was hot! literally!! But even I had no idea just how much I liked the hot wax till he ordered me to pour it right on my pussy! First on the outer lips, then inner...oh it stung but WOW did I get wet! then he had me drip it RIGHT on my clit!! Oh wow I almost came right then! He soon had me pouring wax all up and down my pussy and asshole what a sensation! Finally he allowed me to play in the wax as I was dripping it on myself and I think that was the biggest orgasm of my life!! I was a little sore the next day but I cant WAIT till someone orders me to do that again!!

Till next time....

~wax pain slut cherry in crossed chains (lol)
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Friday, August 12, 2011

New Friend!

I have a new friend and she is YUMMY! Check it out

I had a fantasy about her and me and my Master last night....He had us both kneeling at his feet with our mouths open while he took turns seeing which of us could take more of Him *giggles* He made us compete to see who is the bigger slut! The He grabbed us both by the hair and made us face each other and kiss each other, and slowly slid His cock in between our was hot!!! By this time I was so wet that I had to push her over onto her back spread her legs and gobble her up! With my ass in the air and her pussy in my mouth it wasn't long before Master was fucking me from behind and spanking me with the paddle! Next thing I know Master dragged me over to the bondage cross and chained me to it like a big X and ordered her to get on all fours and lick me! Then He put nipple clamps on me and a long chain from each which He then attached to nipple clamps on her! Oh my goodness! When He started fucking her it pulled on both of our nipples! Talk about intense!!!

Of course when it was all over, we licked each other and Him clean like good girls!

Yes I think I have a new friend LOL :P Welcome to Niteflirt Sunny!