It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Master showed me off

Master must be proud of me! He told me He wanted to take me out, but He dressed me in my slave wear, collar and all...He drove us to the city to a place I have never seen unmarked building. I was a little nervous since it was kinda dark around there. we walked in and after paying the door fee we walked into a room...I could almost hear angels singing as I looked around and saw a very well equipped dungeon! I saw Masters with their girls strapped to racks and crosses! I saw girls getting electricity put on them! I saw girls being flogged and whipped, chained and girl hanging from the ceiling in some amazing rope work! What an amazing place!!

we went into another room where there was some kinda private party....friends of Masters, it was a celebration for a year of their D/s relationship and she was being permanently collared! lucky girl!! Master and I watched the ceremony and then went back into the dungeon room where Master chained me to a bench, he stripped me naked and chained me there on my back with my arms over my head my legs pulled up by my ears and he began flogging my ass! "I have a good girl and its time I show her off!" He then invited his friends to work me over...I was spanked, flogged, titties slapped and twisted, hair pulled...what fun!!!

Finally Master took me off the bench, I could barely walk so He carried me into a back room and fucked me for over an hour!

I think Master is proud of me! I hope He takes me there again soon!!