It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Dear Sirs,

Summertime is my favorite time of the year. Lots of bikinis and oils and sun bathing. Something about the way the warmth hitting your skin that sinks into your bones that gives you such a wonderful comfort. It also gives lots of opportunities for other outdoor activities. Some of the activities that are coming up are like the summertime masked ball. Its a ball that the slaves get to serve any Master they choose and serve them how they choose too! Then there are the pool parties and bbq's. OMG and the mud wrestling party! That one will be loads of fun. Lots of chances and opportunities to share you about my life as a slave. I am looking forward to sharing my summer with you!

Cherry in Chains

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Master and the new punishment....

Master has learned that his punishments give me pleasure, as much as it is pleasing him to render the punishment. So one evening, Master decided it was time that he come up with something that would suit my Sammy attitude. Something that would put a stop to that attitude once and for all. Master wanted my total submission and not just my dedication. After this evening to come....Master would have total submissive control.
My Master instructed me to groom myself as normal and that I was to wear my black garters with the matching black see through bra. I was to wear my 5 inched heels and black sexy stockings. I looked hot even if I do say so myself.
Master was having a party. I was very excited imagining the naughty and wicked things we would be doing.....I never realized it was to be a punishment party just for me!
There were four Masters who arrived with out their slaves! I was getting so wet! I would be the only slave being used!.....Oooooo I wish I had paid more attention to what my Masters evil grin was saying to me.....but I was too busy thinking about my selfish cunt!
After the last Master arrived My Master ordered me to stand in the middle of the room. I was to bend over and wrap my arms around my legs. This exposed my slit and little asshole very well. Master told me that I was not to cum at all. He said that each time I came he would add a minute more to my punishment. I only grinned....I love being punished by Master.
One of the other Sirs stood up with a whip and began to strike my body randomly. He struck my legs, my ass, and my back. This went on for a short time and then he fucked me hard! His load shot all up into my hungry cunt. I couldn't help but cum on his cock!
Still bent over with my arms wrapped about my legs a second Sir whipped my ass hard with his big stinging hand. Then he shoved his dick into my ass with out any warning. OMG the pain was divine and made me cum hard. I knew Master was disappointed that I had disobeyed and came twice already.
The Sir who was fucking my ass started to cum, but pulled out of my ass abruptly. I was instructed to swallow his load, which I got to my knees and did gratefully! The other two Sirs came over to me and shoved their dicks into my mouth. I love sucking all this cock! I didn't see where my Master was or what he was doing. If I had seen, I think I may have gotten a little concerned.
Master had something in his hand. He seemed to be scraping the object, like he was preparing it. He was preparing it for me, as I would soon learn.....the hard way. The other Sir's fucked my mouth until they both came. Then Master told me to stand up and assume the position.
I stood up and then bent down wrapping my arms around my legs. My hair hanging That's when master pushed "THAT" into my ass. I would learn later that "THAT" was ginger that had been freshly peeled. Master and the Sirs stepped back and sat down. They seemed to be waiting for something.
It didnt take long for me to realize what they were waiting for. The burning began and I started to wiggle. Master pulled the whip out and stuck my ass. He told me each time I wiggled that I would get another minute added to this punishment and that I would receive a additional lick each from the other Sir's. This punishment went on for over a hour. Each of the Sirs chuckles and murmurs about my improved behavior.
I was in agony and begging Master for release. The burning in my ass was intensive and wonderful. I was cumming, but not. The sensations were almost to much to bare. I couldn't stand it! I was in tears of relief when Master at last removed the dreadful root! Still, my ass continued to burn even after it was removed.
Master then ordered me to serve each of the Sirs pleasure with out cumming. I made sure I didn't cum! I was not having that thing put back into my ass. I would be a good slave for now on!...I swear! least until I forgot about the ginger root!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pleasureable evening out.

My arms were folded behind me, securely bound together. This caused my tits to push out, letting my nipples beg for pleasure and punishment. A short nylon line leading from the middle of my arms to a fish hook which hooked into my braided hair. This kept me from being able to tilt my head forward at all. The chastity belt held the extra large butt plug in place deep in my little asshole. Master carried my lead in one hand as I walked upon my knees into the room. In the other hand was his whip. Once Master sat down in the lounger I was permitted to lean back on my heels by his feet.
The show began and was erotic as hell. I was soon wiggling trying to keep my juices from dripping. I saw Master grin and lean forward. He shoved his hands between my thighs rubbing the Chasity belt. He told me what a slut I was and sat back as he undid his pants. He pulled hard on my lead and told me to suck his cock. I moved as quickly as I could but not fast enough to please Master. His whip bit into my back as I leaned over to wrap my lips around his cock. He whipped my back, legs, and my ass, as I sucked his cock with total pleasure. With each stinging bite of Masters whip I took his cock deeper and deeper into my throat.

I felt someone removing my chastity belt but never stopped sucking Masters cock. The butt plug was pulled out roughly and soon replace with a real cock. Fingers bit into my hips as someone plowed into my ass hard. I looked up at Master and saw his smile of pleasure. He said I was such a dirty whore....that I didn't even know who was fucking me....and truthfully...I didn't care. I was enjoying my Masters cock and his pleasure. He shot his load in my mouth allowing me to swallow every bit of it. Then I was roughly jerked around and the cock that had been pounding into my ass was shoved into my throat. It didn't take long before I was showered in cum. As the cock moved away, I quickly struggled up and returned to my Masters side kneeling as I should. I was kneeling proudly too! I was covered in sticky goo, with my juices covering my legs and I knew I had pleased my Master and ....and....well....someone else! Who ever it was!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wanting more...needing more.....

Master was displeased with me.....being such a Sam, that tends to happen a lot! I do like pushing Masters buttons....and challenging him...I mean if he weren't a true Master then he couldn't handle me could he? So I was punished last week and was not allowed to cum. I succeeded much to Masters pleasure! This week however my punishment has been very harsh least until Master forgave me and allowed me to serve him again!

See a Mistress came over and I being overly excited, assumed Master would allow me to serve her as I served him. Instead Master made me sit bound with my wrist behind me tied to my ankles, upon my knees. He allowed the Mistress to whip my naked breast, stomach, arms, ass, thighs, and she was relentless! Then Master licked and sucked her body as I watched.....wanting....needing. He fucked her hard and she came several times.....she took my Masters load and swallowed it allowing me none. They allowed me up only to be stretched out upon the table with each of my limbs hanging off the table again tied to the head hung back legs spread wide and my ass cheeks almost hanging off the table. It looked almost if I were doing a back bend. Mistress again whipped me all over paying special attention to my thighs. The stinging was incredible and I wanted to cum, but I dare not!

Master fucked the Mistress again and again allowed her to take his load. I thought I would go insane with my need until Master told me that I had behaved well and he was proud of me!

That's when he shoved his now soft cock in my mouth. I worked his cock from my restrained position and soon it was hard and ready for what ever Master desired!
I was given permission to cum freely and I did repeatedly! Mistress began fucking my cunt with her hand and Master fucked my mouth while he slapped my nipples telling me what a good slut I was.

I love Masters punishments!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Choice.

My life with my Master is a happy one. Each day I wake with his pleasure. Each day I go to sleep with his pleasure. I am a women of my own mind. I am independent and free to make my own choices. I am educated and intelligent. I do not have to do as my Master commands....I choose too. It is the trust I place in him, that he takes as a serious responsibility. The respect I give to him, that I hold for him; he has earned. This is the life I have chosen to live. This is the life I am happiest with. Balance is peace and happiness. My life is in balance because of my Master.