It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sun burn and sweetness....

I was laying out in the sun this pass weekend and fell asleep! As a redhead I knew better. I was terribly burned. So much so it made me ill and kept me in bed. Lucky for me I have a very sweet girl friend who came over with aloe and ice. Her tongue followed the ice cubes trails and often lead to me getting to cum for her again and again. Then her hands all over my body rubbing the aloe into my tender skin, was very erotic too! It would almost be worth getting burned again to enjoy her tender care!

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