It is my honor Sir, to be your slave. It is my duty and obligation to be whatever you wish me to be. It is my pleasure to accept your mastery of me. I am a true submissive. I am dedicated to being a true slave. I am here for your every desire. I am here to accept your punishment. I am here for your pleasure. I am here to serve you. This is my pledge.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mistress Punishment and her relief team...

I was to address her as Mistress Punishment. She was relentless. She was wonderful. She was a punishment and a gift too. Master means for me to behave and to behave well. After Master left for our vacation without me I was a little upset, but I knew I had it coming. I had been a very naughty slave.

Mistress Punishment was my punishment.

Mistress prefers women to men as I quickly found out. Plus she has a thirst for red heads which I am a natural red head. I was her favorite kind of slave candy. Mistress Punishment decided that since I liked cumming so much, that she would make sure I came......a lot. She had this massive strap on that she fucked me with anally so often that I didn't even need lube any more. While she fucked my ass she used the crop on my clit and nipples almost constantly. They were so sore and stinging for several days I was afraid to breath for fear of cumming. I seriously lost count how many times she made me cum. And that was just in the first hour.

Hour after hour she found new and pleasurable ways to taunt my body into cumming for her pleasure. About 6 hours into my punishment I discovered just how much punishment I would receive. This women was relentlessly powerful and determined to make me into the well behaved slave Master deserves.

I was covered in perspiration like I had run a 20 mile marathon. My body was trembling so much I was almost convulsing. I was breathing hard and had just squirted so hard it went 6 foot up in the air. I was exhausted and was praying for a break, when I heard the knock at the door. Mistress Punishment shoved the habatchi vibrator up my cunt and turned it on high. Then she went to answer the door. Three women walked in and once the door shut, they all three went to their knees before Mistress Punishment. Mistress greeted them and permitted them to rise up and come and inspect her work on me. They all were smiling at me in a way that made me feel as if I was a deer in a pack of lionesses. Then Mistress said..."Okay my pets.....She likes to cum with out permission so make her cum." Then she went and layed down on the bed and closed her eyes to rest.
Mistresses pets descended upon my flesh! They began devouring me! The punishment had only began. These pets were her relief team. I was not to be given any reprieve even to sleep. That's when I realized my punishment had only begun.

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